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Learn Java for AnyLogic!

Updated: Feb 27, 2023

Our online course, Java for AnyLogic, is now available!

The course is currently available on the Udemy platform here

This course is for beginner to moderate AnyLogic users that want to learn how to use the Java programming language and Object-Oriented Programming principles to make better more efficient models faster.

Those that subscribed before our official launch on the 1st of October should have a 50% discount code in your inbox! If not contact me

About the course

The course is structured from simple topics, like variables in Java, to more complex ideas such as Class Inheritance. You will start by learning the basics of Java, then we move to more complex features like data structures, and finish by learning and implementing complex concepts such as Inheritance, polymorphism and other Java features that allow extending AnyLogic's capabilities.

AnyLogic is a powerful tool and a market leader in the simulation world, but in order to build more powerful models and efficiently, one needs to learn more about Java and understand its capabilities. Mastering the most common and useful Object-Oriented programming concepts and applying them will result in better, faster and more extendible models. The ability to extend a simulation package via a powerful, and industry-standard, programming language is what differentiates AnyLogic from other offers in the market.

Watch the promo video

This course is the first part of a series aimed at providing a solid Java programing skillset to AnyLogic users, in order to solve complex problems by producing more robust, extendible and reliable models.

The course is currently available on the Udemy platform here

If you are an academic or student please contact us through the website to inquire about available discounts.

What next?

If you want to learn more tips and tricks about building better models in AnyLogic you are welcome to read more posts by following the links above to similar posts. Why not subscribe to our blog or follow us on any of the social media accounts for future updates? The links are in the Menu bar at the top of the footer at the bottom.

We will release discounts and promotions on our online course every few months, so keep an eye out for special offers!

If you really want to make a difference in supporting us please consider joining our Patreon community here

If you want to contact us for some advice, maybe a potential partnership or project or just to say "Hi!", feel free to get in touch here and we will get back to you soon!

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