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How can we help you build simpler better models faster?

At The AnyLogic Modeler, we know that knowledge and practices are the keys to being a better modeler.  Our service offerings are divided into 3 parts. 

DIY - Do It Yourself
DWY - Do It With You

DFY - Do It For You

To understand more of what each offer entails view the sections below.

You can also view testimonials of people we have worked with us before or simply contact us directly.

You can view the latest discount codes, if available, for our online courses and various other products and services here

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Do It Yourself

How to be a better modeler (almost) all by yourself.

If it is free advice or low-cost support that you are after, then this is the service for you. Best of all you don't need to even contact us. Just follow the links below to learn more!

The Basics

This is a practical textbook on AnyLogic simulation software from its developers. This simulation book is designed for use in self-education and in university. The book is ideal for studying computer simulation and modeling with the free AnyLogic Personal Learning Edition

Process-Centric modeling

The book covers the theoretical concepts and implementation techniques behind good simulation modeling, as well as their mathematical and statistical backgrounds.
The primary focus of the book is process‐centric models based on flow systems, which many of you will know as discrete‐event models.

Java for AnyLogic

This course is for beginner to moderate AnyLogic users that want to learn how to use the Java programming language and Object-Oriented Programming principles to make better more efficient models faster.

View the latest discount codes, if available, here

Specialized Books

This book is a practical guide to building simulation models. It explains how to choose the right constructs of the modeling language to create a representation of a real world system that is suitable for risk-free dynamic experiments.

Online Courses

The AnyLogic Modeler endorses the online courses created By Noorjax. Some are free and some paid. There is a fundamentals course and some courses that focusses on specific libraries in AnyLogic

Ask Questions

If you want to get free support and answers to your technical questions - Stack Overflow is the place to be - but perhaps check out how to ask good questions first

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Do It With You

How can we work with you to help you create better models?

Given the success of recent engagements with various clients, we have decided to make this service one of our key offerings.

Many clients only require a few hours of technical support to either help implement a specific feature, understand some AnyLogic library element or debug an issue in their model. 

Curious about how knowledgeable we are on providing support? Check out the testimonials below or view Jaco-Ben's Stack Overflow account to see how he answers technical questions about AnyLogic.

We normally charge $100/hour for such engagements but we can offer discounts if a number of hours are purchased upfront or for academics and students. 

Contact us for more details

Standing Meeting

Online remote technical support

Simply contact us with a brief description and what it is you need help with and we will send you a quote and our suggested approach.

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Do It For You

We build the model for you

This option is for those who either don't have the time or interest to build a model themselves and just want to focus on analyzing the results. 

Simply contact us with a brief description of what you want to model and we will arrange for a quick 30 min call to gather the necessary information.

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Informative Interview

Fast Turnaround Time

With over a decade of experience for each of our modelers we know how to achieve project goals effectively and efficiently


What people are saying bout their interactions with us.

You can also check Jaco-Ben's Stack Overflow account to see how people rate his ability to answer technical questions about AnyLogic.

Felipe Haro Profile Photo_edited.jpg

"Jaco-Ben has had a significant influence on the way I do things now... I have changed my modeling style a lot" - Feedback after various interactions


"Absolutely great! Very useful methods, very well prepared and demonstrated, great examples. Thank you for this valuable course!" - Formal Review on Java for AnyLogic training course on Udemy

Maximilian Selmair - Simulation Expert


I had the opportunity to learn a lot in the sessions given by Jaco-Ben on agent-based simulation in AnyLogic, it helped me a lot for my thesis project. I definitely recommend it. - Feedback on Online Technical Support


Mr. Jaco-Ben's brain functions like a computer! The way he models scenarios down to the tiniest aspects always yields fantastic results! He is quite inventive. - Feedback on Online Technical Support

Maria Sako - Industrial Engineer


Thank you so much for providing this wonderful and useful course. I really appreciate your work to give this fantastic output to spread your knowledge and experience with others. It has been a great learning experience, based on my personal feelings, the second half of your course may be a bit fast in some places, and for those who only have basic java programming, like me, it is a little difficult to follow up. But anyway, I will reconsider my rating, it absolutely is 5 stars. Highly recommended!  - Formal Review on Java for AnyLogic training course on Udemy

Xu Sun

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