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Interview with Felipe Haro

Updated: Feb 27, 2023

We recently had the pleasure to interview one of the few, and probably the first AnyLogic freelancers, Felipe Haro.

We got to talk about all things simulation, from how his adventure started and unfolded, when he was the only AnyLogic freelancer in the world, to the current simulation scene

Recently, Felipe presented two projects at the 2021 AnyLogic conference. We discussed his one presentation where he had a novel approach to using machine learning inside a simulation model during runtime, as opposed to using it to analyze model output or to train policies. You can watch here his presentation here.

We discussed some tips and tricks to become a better modeler and learned why he spends so much time answering so many StackOverflow questions.

What was compelling was his take on the difference between simulation modelers and software developers. Where the two roles overlap and where they differ. An interesting take, from Felipe, was the idea that you have to somehow "hack" reality to build good simulation models. In the near future he will host a webinar on these topics, a partnership with the AnyLogic team

Felipe also has a number of online courses which you can view here.

You can watch the full interview below

(For a shorter version click here)

You can find more information about Felipe or contact him you catch him on LinkedIn, check out his profile on Stack Overflow, or visit his company website

If you are considering taking the step towards freelancing, this is the person you need to hear. Maybe you can join him in Bali soon 🌴

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